Why has the Bangladesh Premier League deteriorated

Cricket News ,The Bangladesh Premier League, the country's lone franchise-based T20 tournament, is not in the competition

Jan 20, 2024 - 13:32
Jan 20, 2024 - 13:32

The Bangladesh Premier League, the country's lone franchise-based T20 tournament, is not in the competition to be among the top leagues anymore.

BPL, scheduled to begin from January 19, will clash to varying degrees with a few other franchise-based T20 tournaments that include ILT20 in the UAE, SA20 in South Africa, BBL in Australia, and PSL in Pakistan.

BPL has failed to make a spot for itself in spite of launching sooner than the previously mentioned tournaments and there is no promise that in the coming days it will match the other T20 leagues played round the globe consistently. What could be the reasons for this stagnation?

Absence of professionalism

What is the biggest shortcoming of BPL? It is an absence of professionalism from the two players as the governing board failed to do whatever it may take to construct a professional design while the franchises time and again disrupted the development by unprofessional behavior. It was not surprising to discover that the governing chamber failed to sit with the BPL franchises for once during the last year, however it shouldn't host been the case considering the two gatherings need to complete one another to make it effective. Since the inception of BPL there was hardly any edition that went without controversy. In the last edition of BPL a franchise proprietor was kept in a real sense under lock at home of cricket as he failed to clear the dues in time. This is not the first time something like this occurred in BPL as there were a few instances when the BPL governing board members were at loggerhead with various franchises because of financial issues. The first two edition of BPL had part tones however everything transformed out into murkiness since the Ashraful fixing adventure came into light. Following the adventure BPL was abandoned for two seasons before the flow governing chamber took over the helm of BPL and however they are running the show but still they cannot profess to make it effective. There is hardly any trust between the franchise and BPL governing gathering and it became known on a few occasions but coordinators hardly endeavored to minimize the distance.

Financial design

Might BPL at any point truly be a profitable undertaking? It remains to be found in the coming days but one thing is for certain it won't be ready to match the other franchise tournaments considering the conservative methodology taken by the BPL governing chamber. BPL got offers from a few foreign occasion the executives organizations to manage everything but it was not considered generally because the board would have rather not let completely go over the tournament. BPL governing chamber recognized the reality while adding that their decision not to invite substitute betting organizations because of it conflicts with the tradition that must be adhered to likewise having it toll on them.

Income sharing models is something BPL is not prepared to acknowledge with the flow financial construction and assuming sources are to be believed it forced a few franchises to stop the tournament that includes leading business house like Beximco Dhaka, who upheld ritzy Dhaka Dynamites for four seasons. In the event that Comilla Victorians follow their way in the coming days it will be last nail on BPL's coffin considering separated from Rangpur Riders, supported by another big business house Bashundhara Gathering, other groups hardly have the financial power to big names in their dressing room.

The finish of the first cycle

BPL governing chamber in 2019 chose to end of first pattern of BPL and according to cricket experts it stopped the development of the tournament considering the following two tournaments were controlled by BCB before they chose to send off the second pattern of BPL. Many feel Shakib's decision to join Rangpur from Dhaka hurt the self image of BCB high-ups considering they are involved with Beximco in various limits.

Franchises inability to deliver fan-base

Franchises are known to be developed on the basis of fan base but for BPL that is hardly the case considering there is no home and away games for franchises. Another thing that harms BPL franchise is the reality they failed to foster a crew with certain players that they can guarantee as their own like Rohit Sharma to Mumbai Indians or Virat Kohli to Imperial Challengers Bangalore.

Could BPL at any point prevail in the coming days is a matter for what's in store. In any case, one thing is completely clear that with the current construction set up, it will hardly be feasible for them except if every one of the concerned gatherings chalk out an arrangement leaving behind their self images to make it fruitful on the rear of a strong financial model as another BPL season starts today when Durdanto Dhaka takes on defending champions Comilla Victorians in the tournament opener at the Sher-e-Bangla National Arena today( January 19)

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