Bangladesh And Afghanistan Cricket Match update

Bangladesh And Afghanistan Cricket Match update, Highlights, Series T20 World Cup 2024 Venue: Arnos Vale Ground, Kingstown, St Vincent

Jun 25, 2024 - 15:17
Jun 26, 2024 - 13:18

Bangladesh And Afghanistan Cricket Match update

Fortune favors the brave. Then it is right for Afghanistan to win this match. If there is anything called courage, only Afghans have shown it. It is hardly heard that anyone has ever 'slandered' the Bangladesh team as brave. On this day, there is no question of giving. Afghanistan won, all right.

Afghanistan opened a door of possibilities for Bangladesh. That it would become so real, so doable—it was never imagined. Bangladeshi bowlers have spread light throughout the World Cup. Today they are even better. Rishad-Taskin's credit for including Afghanistan and Australia in the race to reach the semi-finals.

South Africa vs Afghanistan, 1st Semi-Final

116 in 12.1 overs is not an easy wicket for Bangladesh. Not more on this wicket of St. Vincent. No matter how much rain the ball comes into the bat! The question is, what was the loss of Bangladesh! If you can do it, it will be the first time in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Such a big achievement. Chasing it by getting all out for 50 runs and losing Gohara, what does it matter! Bye if you win after playing full 20 overs, bye if you don't win in 12.1 overs. So there should be no doubt about which one should be adorable.
This is exactly what Afghanistan would have thought in this situation. And what did Bangladesh do? After battling with the asking rate for a while, the battle broke after a few quick wickets fell. Started trying to win the match somehow. As if we can return home with a victory in this one match, this World Cup will be completely smooth. While doing this, in the end, the mango also went, the peel also went. That's what happens when you don't have courage.

I was talking about St. Vincent's wicket. To think of scoring 116 runs in 12.1 overs must be a brave thing if you remember the previous World Cup matches at this ground. But the situation today, what is there to plan and be brave? There is no other option. The mantra at the time of going into bat should have been one — I will give my life to win in 12.1 overs. If I lose, I will lose. What does it matter!

It takes a bit of courage to think like that. There is no doubt that Afghanistan has it. No one doubted that Bangladesh's approach to batting in the Super Eight is there. But not even on this day! A golden opportunity to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup by winning just one match has arrived in Pakechakra, will not try hard to use it! When it takes 43 runs off 19 balls, Mahmudullah will dot just 5 balls after playing a full over! It will be hard to believe!

Tawheed came down after the heart was out. In this World Cup, the tune of T20 was heard only in the bat of the batsmen of Bangladesh. The courage that is talked about so much in the beginning, the reflection of that courage is only in his batting. He was on the wicket for 7 minutes even today, that Tawhid Hridyo.

After making 14 off 8 balls, Hridoy got out in the ninth ball by playing attacking shots. Bangladesh had to score 51 runs in 23 balls to reach the semi-finals. Like 13 runs per over. Definitely difficult. But it is difficult but not impossible. That question is coming again - will not try to do it even if it seems impossible? Yes, if not, no. What does it matter if you lose while doing it!

But what did Mahmudullah do! 6 runs off 9 balls. A four and two singles. The remaining six balls are dots. 5 of them in one over. Bangladesh lost the match much later. But the real loss happened then.

Why should you be angry with Mahmudullah, the Bangladesh team has already decided long ago that it is better to try to win safely without thinking about trivial matters like the semi-finals. Tawheed Hriday bats like that, because of his instinctive urge. In the press conference, the captain Nazmul Hossain said that after losing 3 wickets, they removed the thought of the semi-final from their minds. Clap your hands brother, clap your hands.

A wonderful day passed with rain adding to the drama of the game. In fact, it is not day, but night. It's not just night, it's late night. The game ended well after 1am St Vincent's time. By the time Rashid Khan finished talking to Simon Doole and was addressing the countrymen in Pashto, it was past half past one.

At night everything feels a little different. And this match was already different. Three teams played in one match! Bangladesh and Afghanistan on the field, and Australia is under great tension outside the field. First of all those who wished bad luck to Bangladesh. Bangladesh should not win in 12.1 overs.

After Bangladesh's batting reassured them, Mitchell Marsh took the field for Bangladesh if he could. The defeat may have hurt the Australians more than Bangladesh. What kind of loss has Bangladesh suffered in this defeat, the loss is Australia's.

What are you angry with Nazmul, Mitchell Marsh seems to be more angry than that!

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