Before the Bangladesh match, Rohit paid a fine for driving at a speed of 215 km

According to reports, Team India captain Rohit Sharma received three challans for a high-speed drive from Mumbai to Pune in his blue Lamborghini

Oct 19, 2023 - 14:31
Oct 19, 2023 - 14:41

In the first match against Australia, Rohit Sharma appeared in his own form in the next two matches. He scored a century against Afghanistan and played an innings of 86 runs against Pakistan in the last match.

How will Rohit do against Bangladesh today? It will be seen in the field when the time comes. But Rohit has been in a cheerful mood lately. Who knows, if the mood is cheerful, you can bat without stress.

The Indian skipper is in high spirits, it is claimed, following an incident. Rohit's addiction to speed is not new, and that addiction got him. Rohit had to pay fines to the traffic police not once, not twice, but thrice while driving his Lamborghini on the Mumbai-Pune highway.

The incident happened when Rohit was driving to Pune to join the Indian national cricket team. The news was reported by 'Times of India', 'NDTV' and 'Hindustan Times' with reference to the Indian media 'Pune Mirror'.

Sources from India's traffic department told Pune Mirror that Rohit was driving at an unbelievable speed. He left the car at 200 to 215 km per hour. Three penalty challans were issued online in Rohit's name for dangerous speeding.

India's traffic department has also expressed its concern over the Indian captain's reckless driving on busy roads. As the World Cup is on, the Indian traffic police department feels that he should have gone to Pune in a team bus under police escort instead of taking his own car for safety reasons.

But anyone can have fun looking at the number plate of Rohit's Lamborghini Urus model car. The opener is using his highest run innings in ODIs (264) as his car number.

Hindustan Times reported that Rohit came to Pune with his national team teammates last Sunday. India had no practice the next day. The media reported that Rohit may return to Mumbai that day to spend time with his family. The Indian team practiced on Tuesday evening local time.

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