West Indies vs India Innings Break And Full Score Live Streaming

West Indies vs India Live Cricket nnings Break and full score , World Cup, 2019 Match 34, Manchester live cricket streaming cricket news cricket all match news update

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West Indies vs India Innings Break And Full Score Live Streaming
West Indies vs India Live Cricket

West Indies vs India Innings Break And Full Score Live Streaming

Watching live cricket match india west indies

india score Inida 268/7 (50.0) /43 (34.2) West indies west indies

India beat West Indies by 125 runs

Mohammed Shami to Shimron Hetmyer 

OUT! Caught at point! Shimron Hetmyer is gone as well. Full in length and outside off, from 'round the wicket, Hetmyer goes for the big swing of his bat but fails to hold it down and finds Rahul at point. Hetmyer is distraught. India just two wickets away at this point.

26.2 jasprit Bumrah to Fabian Allen 

OUT! Another one is sent packing by Blast Bumrah! He hurls in a sharp conveyance, on a length and in the line of the stumps. Allen is late in bringing his bat down and is rapped on the pads. They appeal and the umpire wastes no time in raising his finger. Fabian wants it checked on but the replays show that the impact is in line and it's clipping leg. 

26.1 Jasprit Bumrah to Carlos Brathwaite 

OUT! Nothing to remember this time from Carlos Brathwaite but you will surely remember this outstanding catch from MS Dhoni for a long time. Bumrah delivers a decent length conveyance outside off at 138 kph, Brathwaite feels for it inside the line and gets a fat outside edge behind. There is a fair distance among attendant and first slip and Dhoni knows that he has to plunge to take it. He does so and pulls off a one-handed stunner.

Yuzvendra Chahal to Jason Holder 

OUT! Straight to extra cover! Chahal gets his first and West Indies slip further into misery. Full and floated ball on off, spinning away, Holder tries for a lobbed shot over the infield on the off side but fails to get the elevation. Kedar Jadhav inside the ring takes the simplest of catches. Half the side is presently back in the cottage for the Windies and they still need in excess of 150 runs. 

20.2 Kuldeep Yadav to Nicholas Pooran 

OUT! Pooran is dismissed! Flighted and full around off, spinning away, Pooran's intention was to go inside-out over covers but fails to do that properly. It spins away just a bit while he was into the shot and he ends up ballooning it to long off. An easy catch for Shami and West Indies continue to lose wickets. They still need 189 runs off 178 balls. This is also Kuldeep's 150th international wicket. 

17.6 Hardik Pandya to Sunil Ambris 

OUT! Trapped right in front! The hard work of Hardik Pandya pays off. He hurls across a slower length ball in the line of the stumps. An essentially straightforward conveyance, that. Ambris misses it totally somehow and is hit on the front pad before it deflects behind to hit the back leg. The appeal goes up and the umpire raises his finger. Hardik claps. Ambris thinks for the DRS but his partner advices him against it. 198 needed off 32 overs.

Going different places

Mohammed Shami to Shai Expectation 

OUT! Bowled 'em! Shami strikes again with vicious movement off the pitch, second wicket for him and he is running in celebration. Lands it full this time, outside off, tempting the batsman on the front foot for a drive but it nips back in to beat the inside edge. The ball goes directly through to obliterate the stumps and West Indies have lost two key players in this chase. Again this shot could have been avoided but such is the form of Expectation that he thinks that he can put everything away. Sometimes you get carried away with great form and pay the cost for it. 

4.5 Mohammed Shami to Chris Gayle 

OUT! Caught! Shami hunts down the big fish! He continues from 'round the wicket angle and darts in a shortish ball on off. Gayle stays back to pull it across the line but fails to get it properly from the center of his bat. He winds up mistiming it in the air and Jadhav moves across to one side from mid on to finish an easy catch. Big breakthrough for India as the dangerous Gayle departs without hurting them much. 259 required off 271 balls.

West Indies will be quite pleased with their work so far. They have managed to restrict the batting line-up of India's quality under 300 and that in itself sounds like an achievement. Jason Holder and Kemar Roach were brilliant while Sheldon Cottrell was exceptional at the death. West Indies vs India | Match 34 | ICC - Cricket World Cup
It was yet another flop show from Rohit Sharma but after that Virat Kohli and KL Rahul joined forces to put in a 69-run stand. Post that, West Indies did well by striking at regular intervals and that didn't allow the Men in Blue to score smoothly. Once Kohli fell, it looked like the script of the match against Afghanistan will get repeated but MS Dhoni made sure that he bats till the last ball to take India's score close to 270. His partnership with Hardik Pandya played a big role and the contribution of the all-rounder cannot be undermined. India beat Pakistan by 89 runs (D/L method)
49/2 in the last five overs and India have managed to put a challenging total on the board! Once again it's MS Dhoni who has done the donkey's work. He keeps on getting criticized for batting slowly but his knock has made sure that India crossed the 250-run mark, unlike against Afghanistan.Innings score Break

Oshane Thomas to MS Dhoni 

SIX! Dhoni provides the big finish! How often he does that!!! Ian Bishop quips on air, why would you bowl that length? He is right, every time Oshane pitched it up, Dhoni struggled to find the fence. But for reasons known best to Thomas, he goes short and on off. Dhoni sits back and launches it over square leg for a maximum. 16 from the over, India end on 268/7! India vs Pakistan cricket Live Score and live Streamingms dhoni

Sheldon Cottrell to Mohammed Shami 

OUT! Second salute in the over and Sheldon is all smiles! Short in length and down the leg side, Shami tries to dismantle but fails to center. It kisses his gloves and goes straight to Shai Hope. Another one bites the dust and it's a decent phase for West Indies. 

48.2 Sheldon Cottrell to Hardik Pandya 

OUT! Pandya holes out! Cottrell smartly hurls in a slower conveyance outside off, Hardik winds up for a big shot over covers but gets more elevation than distance. Fabian Allen takes the catch safely in the profound. Here comes the salute from Sheldon Cottrell. The 70-run stand is finished!  India vs Pakistan Cricket Live streaming

38.2 Jason Holder to Virat Kohli 

OUT! Holder gets his opposite number. Kohli cannot believe it. Massive moment in this match. This will surely deduct 20-30 runs from India's eventual score. Holder serves it short and on center, it doesn't rise a lot after landing as Kohli shapes up for the force shot. He gets better than average connection also but ends up playing it straight into the hands of Darren Bravo (sub) at short mid-wicket. Jason roars in enjoyment, Kohli stands there in disbelief. Second wicket in the match for the West Indian skipper and this one is the most prized one. 

28.5 Kemar Roach to Kedar Jadhav 

OUT! Caught! Goodness yes, there is a tiny spike on the Ultra Edge and Kedar Jadhav has to depart. An express conveyance. Landing on a length and skidding off the surface. Jadhav flashes his blade at it but fails to center his shot. It whizzes past the outside edge, Shai Hope collects the ball and they all go up in a gigantic appeal. The umpire is not interested and Holder goes for the DRS after advised by his attendant. The replays roll in and tells Jadhav that his time is finished. India in a little spot of bother now. 

26.1 Kemar Roach to Vijay Shankar 

OUT! What an inspirational bowling change by Jason Holder. He removes himself and inserts Roach back into the attack and Kemar delivers. Second wicket for him. He gets it with an exquisite outswinger. Lands it around off and forces the batsman to play the line. Shankar does that without accounting for the away development. The ball kisses the outside edge and settles into the gloves of Shai Hope. Another developing partnership is stopped from the beginning. 

20.4 Jason Holder to KL Rahul 

OUT! Sound of timber! Holder has done the job here. He was bowling brilliantly, was not offering easy runs and a frustrated Rahul has thrown it away after getting a start. He delivers a length ball on off, shaping back in a touch, Rahul plays all over it after taking a stride forward and it sneaks directly through his defense to clatter the stumps. Now then, the fielding effort on the previous ball would have been the reason that Rahul was still on strike. These little moments contribute. Cricket is a team game after all. End of a 69-run stand and India will have to modify again. 

5.6 Kemar Roach to Rohit Sharma 

OUT! Rohit Sharma is gone! The onfield decision has been reversed. A big hit to India as their in-form batsman walks back shaking his head. Roach has struck gold here. A big inswinger from him. He delivers it on a length close to off stump. Rohit tries playing it from the front foot but it cuts back in and beats the inside half of his blade. Shai Hope dives across to his left to collect the ball and gets up in appeal. The umpire remains still. Jason Holder gets involved now and they decide to refer it upstairs. The replays roll in and the Ultra Edge finds a slight tickle. There is a bit of uncertainty as the bat and pad seem to make a simultaneous contact. But the third umpire is convinced that it's bat first. The decision is toppled and West Indies strike early.

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