pakistan vs south africa 1st Inning live score

pakistan vs south africa 1st Inning live score, cricket live streaming, if you want watching live cricket match today visit our site daily update cricket news

pakistan vs south africa 1st Inning live score
cricket live streaming World Cup 2019 live updates – Pakistan vs South Africa

pakistan vs south africa 1st Inning live score

 Pakistan 308/7 (50.0) RR:6.16 South Africa needed 309/ (50.0) RR:6.16

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Alright. 309 to chase. Tahir reckons that his team can do it. But are his team's batsmen in form? Today may not be a bad day to answer in an affirmative to that question. Stay tuned for the un chase. Immy at the top!Imran Tahir is giving an interview. The leggie says he thought it was going to be a tough day but the wicket was stopping a little and he is happy with his performance. States he wanted to get a wicket and he is pleased with that. Reckons he was consistent today and is happy he played his role for his side. Jokes and says he can brag about his catch to dismiss Imam now as his fielding has always been questioned. Ends by saying they have to do the basics right and this total can be chased down. 

South Africa will be disappointed with their bowling again. All through the tournament, they have battled with the new balls and the backup bowlers have not been able to penetrate much. Ngidi grabbed 3 wickets today but that was generally towards the end. Rabada and the others had a poor outing and had it not been for Tahir and Markram, Pakistan may have even reached 350. Pakistan vs South Africa Live Score, ICC World Cup 2019

Babar was slow but Haris was playing beautifully. He was timing the ball right from the word go and the Proteas had no answer. And then, his 71-run stand with Imad Wasim in just 40 balls took the momentum away from the Saffas. They started to leak runs at the death and conceded 91 runs, picking up 4 wickets in the last 10 overs. 

The openers discarded their starts but the stimulus was given. The new balls were invalidated and South Africa attempted to control the innings. They stemmed the run stream but then the 81-run stand between Babar Azam and Haris Sohail for the 4th wicket started to inject life into the innings. 

A generally excellent batting performance by Pakistan. This is the second time that they have marshaled a not too bad total after batting first, with the past occasion being against England. The seeds were sown at the start, with a 81-run opening stand and then some nice partnerships in the center took them past 300. Pak vs SA | pakistan | live cricket streaming

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Imran Tahir to Haris Sohail 

FOUR! A hat-trick of boundaries for Pakistan! Tossed up outside off, Sohail reaches out and drives it over covers for a boundary! 

37.6 Chris Morris to Babar Azam Providing the much-needed impetus!

england vs pakistan, Details, Live Cricket Score, Wickets  FOUR! Full and down the leg side, Azam tickles it behind square leg and the ball races away! 11 from the over. 

37.5 Chris Morris to Babar Azam 

FOUR! Nicely done! On a length outside off, Azam waits for the ball to come to him and dabs it to the third man fence! 

35.5 Chris Morris to Haris Sohail 

FOUR! Outstanding placement! Full and outside off, similar to the previous ball but this time Haris makes no mistake. He just angles his bat slightly and guides it behind point. Third man starts to run to one side but no use. 

34.3 Kagiso Rabada to Haris Sohail 

SIX! SMOKED! Goodness yeah. Sohail is in for some acceleration here. He anticipates the short delivery and moves down the leg side well in advance. With the room created, he then slashes it over point and the ball goes all the away! 

34.2 Kagiso Rabada to Haris Sohail 

FOUR! Flawless shot. Bad ball however. With mid on up, Rabada pitches this extremely full and Haris calmly drives this straight back, beating mid on who was standing a bit wide as well. 

33.5 Aiden Markram to Babar Azam 

FOUR! No stopping this one! Full and down the leg side, Babar tickles this past short fine leg. Kagiso Rabada gives it a chase once again but the ball is running down the hill. He puts in a despairing prematured dive but to no avail. 

32.1 Kagiso Rabada to Haris Sohail 

FOUR! MAJESTIC! Did that have a Saeed Anwar touch to it? Perhaps. On a length outside off, Sohail comes half forward and just punches it on the up through the covers. The ball races away! Sohail moves to 10 from 5 balls. 

24.5 Imran Tahir to Mohammad Hafeez 

SIX! Just over the ropes! Almost a replica there of how he got out to Finch. A full toss on middle, Hafeez, like he did against Australia, brings out the slog sweep. He hits it towards profound square leg and clears the leaping Ngidi there. He would have surely had his heart in his mouth for a second. 

23.5 Andile Phehlukwayo to Babar Azam 

FOUR! Fortunate boundary but that is a poor, poor ball! Short and wide outside off, asking to be hit. Azam goes back and throws his bat at it. The ball goes off the outside edge and down to the third man fence. 

21.6 Lungi Ngidi to Babar Azam 

FOUR! This is even better! Stunning! Delightful stuff from Azam. Ngidi goes fuller this time, Azam just times it past mid on and the ball races away to the fence. Ngidi has not had a decent day till now. 10 from this over and he has gone for 41 in his 6 overs. 

21.5 Lungi Ngidi to Babar Azam 

FOUR! Poor ball and set away! This is bowled halfway down the wicket, it does not skip at the height Ngidi would have wanted it to. Azam goes back and pulls it with ease through mid-wicket for a boundary. West Indies vs Bangladesh, Match 23, ICC Cricket World...

19.3 Lungi Ngidi to Babar Azam 

FOUR! Cracking shot. Short of a length outside off, Babar cuts it through point and the ball races away! 

15.4 Chris Morris to Imam-ul-Haq 

FOUR! Shot. Full on middle, Imam flicks this through mid-wicket and beats mid on running to one side. 

14.1 Imran Tahir to Fakhar Zaman 

FOUR! MAGNIFICENT! Tahir is invited in style. Full and outside off, Zaman leans and drives it through the covers for a boundary! 

11.3 Chris Morris to Fakhar Zaman 

FOUR! SMASH! Insult to injury! A short ball again, around off, Zaman swivels once more and pulls it behind square leg for a boundary! 

7.5 Chris Morris to Imam-ul-Haq 

EDGED AND FOUR! Between the guardian and Amla who is standing at a widish second slip position. Length and around off, Imam pushes hard at it. He ends up playing inside the line. The ball goes off the outside edge and down to the third man fence. 

7.1 Chris Morris to Imam-ul-Haq 

FOUR! Welcome into the attack, Morris! The 50 is up for Pakistan. They couldn't have asked for a better start after electing to bat. Morris starts with a full ball on off, Imam just puts bat to ball, uses the pace of the bowler and hits it through mid off for a boundary.  New Zealand vs South Africa | Match 25 | ICC

5.6 Lungi Ngidi to Fakhar Zaman 

SIX! What a shot that is! Outrageous! This is slightly short and around off, this is angled into the batsman. Zaman heaves it, right off the middle and it goes over the mid-wicket fence. First of the game. Once again the last ball spoils the over. 

4.6 Kagiso Rabada to Fakhar Zaman 

FOUR! Just wide of the fielder! Slightly fuller and outside off, Zaman slashes at it. The ball goes uppishly and past the diving Markram at point and into the fence. The last ball spoils the over. Another better than average one for Pakistan. 

3.6 Lungi Ngidi to Imam-ul-Haq 

FOUR! Another one through the off side! Third in the over! This is probably the best of the parcel. The last two were half volleys. This was slightly behind a driving length. Imam leans into it and hits it on the up through spread point for a boundary. 12 from this over and 20 from the last two. Pakistan off to a flier.  New Zealand Vs South Africa, Live Cricket Streaming

3.2 Lungi Ngidi to Imam-ul-Haq 

FOUR! Amazing! Another top class stroke! Back-to-back boundaries for Imam and Pakistan. Ngidi bowls another half volley. Imam says thank you without a doubt and creams it through covers. 

3.1 Lungi Ngidi to Imam-ul-Haq 

FOUR! Exquisite! Pakistan are dealing in boundaries! A half volley outside off, too easy for Imam. He leans into it and strokes it through covers. No stopping those. First boundary for Imam. 

2.5 Kagiso Rabada to Fakhar Zaman 

FOUR! One ricochet and into the fence! Once again Zaman picks the length early here. It is slightly short and on the body, Zaman pulls it again, this time uppishly but away from fine leg and a boundary. Second in the over. New Zealand best buy south africa win by 4 wickets

2.2 Kagiso Rabada to Fakhar Zaman 

FOUR! Slightly short and it has been secured! Zaman picks the length early, transfers his weight on the back foot and pulls it through mid-wicket. 

0.3 Kagiso Rabada to Fakhar Zaman 

FOUR! Off the mark in style! That has been slapped! A hit-me ball by Rabada. Short and wide outside off, Zaman slaps it through the spread region and the ball races away to the fence. First boundary of the day.