pakistan vs australia, Australia batting, lost wickets,

#pakistan vs #australia, Australia batting, lost wickets, Check Pakistan v Australia ✓ Schedule ✓ Live Cricket Score ✓ Ball-by-Ball, World Cup matches

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pakistan vs australia, Australia batting, lost  wickets,
pakistan vs australia, Australia batting, lost wickets,

Australia vs pakistan live cricket match

Australia batting runs 307/ 10  (over 49.0)

Mohammad Amir to Mitchell Starc 

OUT! Maiden ODI fifer for Amir and Australia are bowled out for 307! A merited fifer for Mohammad Amir. He was brilliant today and is single handedly in charge of where Pakistan are in the game right now. He bowls this full and on center, Starc hits it pleasantly however does not get the ideal elevation. Malik at long on races on his right side and takes a neat catch. 

Mohammad Amir to Alex Carey 

OUT! Wicket number 4 for Mohammad Amir! What a bowler, what an outstanding bowler! Dishes out an ideal yorker on leg, Carey is beaten in pace as the bat descends late. He is rapped on the back leg, the bowler appeals and the umpire raises his finger. Carey takes the DRS, there is no inside edge on the Ultra Edge and the Ball Tracker affirms it to smash the leg post 

Hassan Ali to Pat Cummins 

OUT! 8 down now are Australia. Hassan Ali gets one. He goes short and cramps Cummins for room. PC picks the wrong shot to play as he attempts to upper cut it. Excessively near play that and also does not have the pace to work with. It goes into the gloves of Sarfaraz Ahmed. No real celebration from Pakistan however they are doing an enormous activity here. 

Wahab Riaz to Nathan Coulter-Nile 

OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! Wahab Riaz is amongst the wickets now. An awesome catch by Sarfaraz this. Riaz goes full and on off, Coulter-Nile hopes to pull out all the stops yet winds up playing outside the line. The ball goes off the inside edge, almost wrong-footed Ahmed who reacts rapidly and takes a decent catch falling to one side. Pakistan continue fighting back here. 

Mohammad Amir to Shaun Marsh 

OUT! Marsh openings out! Australia have lost their way here! Third for Mohammad Amir and he has been the standout bowler for Pakistan today. Bowls a length ball and it is by all accounts the slower one. Marsh hopes to loft it over the long on fence however just manages to get stature on it. Malik there settles under it and takes the catch safely. 

Mohammad Amir to Usman Khawaja 

OUT! Amir gets his second! Half the side back in the cabin for Australia. By and by, the bowling change does some incredible things. It is the slower one and full on off, exceptionally full in fact. Khawaja hopes to go over mid off yet fails to get under it. He hits it straight to the defender there. Wahab Riaz makes no mistake. Batted out of position, attempted his best to score rapidly and has completed a reasonably great job for his team. 

Shaheen Afridi to David Warner 

OUT! TAKEN! Warner departs! Asif Ali will be the happiest man out there right now as the dropped catch does not cost Pakistan a great deal. Afridi gets his second. He has bowled really well after getting his first wicket. He bowls this more full and on off, Warner hopes to go over spreads however winds up slicing it high not yet decided towards sweeper spread. Imam-ul-Haq in the profound judges it well and takes a decent catch. Warner knew straightaway that he was a goner. A brilliant innings from him arrives at an end however Australia would have cherished him to stay out there longer. Pakistan have a chance to sneak back into the game at this point. Two new batters out there now.

Shaheen Afridi to Glenn Maxwell 

OUT! TIMBER! The Enormous Show is out of here! A genuinely necessary wicket for Shaheen Afridi. He should be forceful pleased and this should make him feel significantly better. This is bowled on a length and around center, Maxwell hopes to pull out all the stops however his feet were going no place. He misses it totally and the stumps are shattered. Enormous wicket as now there are probably no power-hitters left for Australia.

Mohammad Hafeez to Steve Smith 

OUT! In the air... taken! Hafeez strikes! The bowling change indeed pays profits for Pakistan. This is a tremendous wicket as Steve Smith has been in awesome structure. He was looking to pursue the off spinners. He ventures out yet Hafeez bowls it somewhat shorter. Smith hopes to whip it yet is a touch early into the shot. He gets a leading edge which balloons behind spread. Asif Ali from mid off and Malik from spread both pull out all the stops yet the previous calls and takes a decent catch. Pakistan need a couple all the more rapidly.

Mohammad Amir to Aaron Finch 

OUT! A catch has been taken finally that was offered by Aaron Finch. First breakthrough for Pakistan. They will be diminished more than happy. Amir serves a length conveyance on center and off, probably a slower one, Finch has a go at powering it across the line however is early into his shot. He winds up ballooning it in the air at extra spread, Hafeez gets underneath it, keeps his eyes on the ball and grabs it safely. The 146-run stand is broken and a thump brimming with lives for Finch is finished.

David Warner

Hassan Ali to Steve Smith 

FOUR! Another half volley, this time to Smith and a man of his caliber won't miss out. Third boundary in the over. It is outside off, Smith rearranges across and strokes it through spreads. 

Hassan Ali to David Warner 

FOUR! Back to back boundaries! Poor from Hassan Ali. He expected to continue the weight worked by Amir in the last finished however he has started ineffectively. He goes exceptionally full again and on off, Warner this time strokes it through the privilege of mid off who surrenders the chase instantly. 

Hassan Ali to David Warner 

FOUR! A half volley and it has been secured! Releases all the weight that was worked in the last finished. On off, Warner leans into it and strokes it past the bowler and it races away. 150 up for Australia. 

Hassan Ali to David Warner 

FOUR! Fifty for Warner, his third in the 4 games he has played in this World Cup and it is his twentieth in ODIs. It has taken him only 51 balls this time. Directly from the outset he has looked positive today. He arrives with a great square drive. It is a length ball, David utilizes the pace of the bowler, opens the face at the end and drives it through point. He would be eyeing a major one here and he looks all set to do as such. 

Mohammad Hafeez to Aaron Finch 

SIX! Not as large as the last one but rather definitely the ideal outcome. Brings out the trudge breadth and drags it from outside off. It is not off the center but rather still clears the mid-wicket fence. Back to back maximums again for Finch. 

Mohammad Hafeez to Aaron Finch 

SIX! Finch is taking Hafeez apart here! He makes room again and Hafeez floats it up. Finch powers it high and handsome over the mid-wicket fence. 

Mohammad Hafeez to Aaron Finch 

SIX! High and handsome! Excessively full in length on center, Finch stretches forward to get it in his arc and heaves it massively over mid-wicket for a big deal. 

Mohammad Hafeez to Aaron Finch 

FOUR! 23rd ODI fifty for Aaron Finch! He has chosen to cut free here. Gets another short ball outside off and this time he smashes it through point. Heavenly thump by the captain after getting two or three lives earlier. 100 up for Australia as well. 

Mohammad Hafeez to Aaron Finch 

FOUR! Try not to give the off spinner a chance to settle. Finch advances down the track to a full ball and bores it back past the bowler for a boundary at long off. 

Shaheen Afridi to Aaron Finch 

FOUR! That will give Finch all the certainty that he would have lost in the last finished and this one. A full ball on center, driven back hard past mid on where Malik misses the ball as he plunged to stop it. The ball reaches the rope easily. 

Shaheen Afridi to David Warner 

FOUR! Flawless shot from Warner yet the ball is a poor one again. Short and on the body, easily pulled away through backward square leg. The boundary rope is found again effortlessly. Warner going along on his cheerful way! 

Wahab Riaz to Aaron Finch 

FOUR! A catch going down pursued by a boundary. We witness that frequently. A conveyance drifting down the leg side, Finch moves across and neatly avoids it to fine leg for a boundary. 

Wahab Riaz to Aaron Finch 

DROPPED! By Asif Ali. That's an enormous miss. Gone for FOUR as well! Back of a length conveyance outside off, Aaron attempts to punch it through spreads however gets a thick outside edge behind to first slip. Asif takes a stab at catching it with his fingers pointing up however fails to pocket it. It blasts through his hands and races behind to the fence. 

Hassan Ali to David Warner 

FOUR! Excessively wide and outside off, Warner jumps over the ricochet and crunches his drive through spreads for the second boundary in this finished. 

Hassan Ali to Aaron Finch 

FOUR! Bang! Width on offer outside off, Finch rises on his back foot and spanks it through point for a cracking boundary. Pakistan rapidly losing their advantage of winning this crucial hurl owing to some poor new-ball bowling. 

Mohammad Amir to David Warner 

FOUR! Poor conveyance and punished! A length ball by and by drifting down the leg side, Warner flicks it with decent timing past the square leg defender inside the ring. No stopping it after that. 

Shaheen Afridi to David Warner 

FOUR! Shaheen is struggling no doubt. Serves a half-tracker, Warner picks it from outside off and pulls it capably over mid-wicket for a boundary. 

Shaheen Afridi to Aaron Finch 

SIX! Blast! Finch won't keep down. Also, this is not the length to bowl right now, at least. Shortish and on center, Aaron eases himself on the back foot and pulls it deafeningly before square leg for his 100th six in ODIs. 

Shaheen Afridi to David Warner 

FOUR! Pleasantly played! Shaheen persists with the shortish conveyance however his line changes to center and leg. Warner easily jumps over the bob and hauls it behind square leg for a boundary. David is off the mark and so are Australia!

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