New Zealand best buy south africa win by 4 wickets

New Zealand beat South Africa by 4 wickets Live Score, 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, Streaming Online, World Cup 2019 And Live Score Today Match update cricket news visit our site

New Zealand best buy south africa win by 4 wickets
ICC Cricket World Cup, New Zealand v South Africa

New Zealand vs South Africa Live Score, 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, Streaming Online, World Cup 2019 And Live Score Today Match  update cricket news visit our site

Kane Stuart Williamson. Take a bow. The pressure is on you, your players and your opposition. But you stand cool as a cucumber, spraying ice showers and taking your team home. In sublime fashion. Simply superb.

New Zealand scoreThe 25th match of the ICC World Cup 2019 to feature New Zealand and South Africa facing each other at the Edgbaston in Birmingham. On one hand, New Zealand is still unbeaten in the World Cup and is at the number two spot in the Points Table. On the other hand, South Africa is not having an awesome tournament as of now and could only manage to win one out of five matches

Chris Morris to Jimmy Neesham 

OUT! The bowling change has done the trick here. Cross seam bowler outside off, Neesham loks to cut but gets a thick outside edge which flies to wide first slip. Amla there reacts rapidly and takes a sharp catch. Exactly when New Zealand expected to accelerate they have lost a wicket. The budding 57-run stand has been broken and New Zealand are once again on the back foot. 

18.1  Chris Morris to Tom Latham 

OUT! The fourth one is back in the hut for New Zealand and they are in all sorts of trouble here. Morris hits the deck hard on a length. He is able to generate the extra bob off the surface. The ball also moves away after pitching. Latham looks to shield but gets a feather of an outside edge back towards the guardian. De Kock takes a dolly behind. New Zealand are making a wreck of this chase and one can say South Africa are well on top here. Ultra Edge confirms a slight spike when the ball passes the bat. 

16.1  Chris Morris to Ross Taylor 

OUT! Big wicket for New Zealand. Ross Taylor has gone off to a poor ball. It is a nothing ball, full on the pads, Taylor looks to flick but gets an inside edge which flicks his pad and goes behind to Quinton de Kock. He takes an easy catch and is all grins as he takes it. The South African players are ecstatic and New Zealand in profound waters here. They have lost three wicket and all three have been somewhat of a bizarre dismissal. 

14.6  Andile Phehlukwayo to Martin Guptill 

OUT! HIT WICKET! This is amusing and unfortunate. Depends who you support. Phehlukwayo bangs it in short on the body, the ball keeps big on Guptill. He looks to pull but turns 360 degree at the same time. The ball experiences mid-wicket but hang on a minute, Guptill is walking back. What's happened? The South African players are celebrating and Martin is walking back with a smile on his face. Well, replay demonstrates that after Guptill turned 360 degrees, his back foot slipped and hit the leg shaft, dislodging the bails. How unfortunate is he? These zing bails sometimes don't fall off even after a bowler bowls at 140 but sometime a slip is sufficient. 

2.1  Kagiso Rabada to Colin Munro 

OUT! Soft, soft dismissal this. Munro was looking so good but he has missed out on an opportunity to make the most of it here. Good length ball pitching on middle and leg and coming in with the angle. Munro looks to safeguard but it takes the inside edge and throws up to the side of the pitch after ricocheting off his pad. Rabada runs and takes a good catch stretching to one side. South Africa required an early wicket and their strike bowler has given them simply that.

South Africa full scoreSouth Africa full scoreLockie Ferguson to Andile Phehlukwayo 

OUT! Caught of a full toss. Let you know, this ball is making waves in this tournament. Forget the yorkers. Forget the bouncers. The full toss is the way to go. Joke intended. This is outside off, Phehlukwayo looks to go over mid off but the ball hits the toe end of the bat and throws to mid off. Basic catch for Kane Williamson who back-tracks at that position. 

44.5  Lockie Ferguson to David Mill operator 

OUT! In the air, in the air, in the air and taken! New Zealand have got the executioner, which may help them evade death. A short ball, outside off, slower in pace, Mill operator leaps and looks to play the upper cut. He mistimes it and the outcome is a top edge which flies down towards third man. Trent Boult rushes to one side and looks to take the catch with his cupped backward fashion. Almost lets it through but manages to hang on. Flashback 2003 World Cup final - anyone recollects the catch Virender Sehwag took to dismiss Adam Gilchrist at profound mid-wicket? That one too, nearly experienced his fingers. Big wicket for the Kiwis. 250 may be troublesome at this point. 

32.3  Colin de Grandhomme to Aiden Markram 

OUT! Caught in the profound! So Markram is not a cat with 9 lives. After being given a few lives, he eventually gets out, without making much utilization of those. A length ball, down the leg side, 126 kph, Markram is down the track to go over the top but is done in by the lack of pace. He is early into the shot and hence gets a leading edge. It carries all the way to sweeper cover where Colin Munro comes running in and takes it turn around cup. Risky attempt, as it was near his waist. Markram falls for only 38. 

27.4  Mitchell Santner to Hashim Amla 

OUT! BOWLED! Santner has his man! He was pegging and pegging and pegging away and eventually gets the Forceful Hash. Amla looks to safeguard a straight ball but is beaten by the plunge in flight. That is what such balls do, when they are flighted over the eyeline. It lands around leg, bobs, spins away and hits the top of off stump. A genuine spinner's pleasure. Radiant. Amla's battles are finished. 

13.6  Lockie Ferguson to Faf du Plessis 

OUT! Ferguson strikes! Faf who was looking so good out in the middle has to depart. Ferguson steams in and bowls an ideal yorker on middle and off, du Plessis is late to get his bat down and the ball hits the stumps. Faf was looking good out in the middle and he had taken his opportunity to settle in but he cannot make the most of it. Ferguson has given Williamson the prized scalp he was looking for. The budding partnership is over soon after reaching 50. 

1.5  Trent Boult to Quinton de Kock 

OUT! The sweet sound of timber for the bowler! Brilliant start for New Zealand. Boult bowls it full on middle, the ball nips back in to the southpaw after hitting the deck, de Kock looks to play it straight but the ball goes directly between his pad and bat. It crashes into the leg post and sends it for a toss. The dangerous de Kock has to walk back and it is a nightmare of a start for South Africa.