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live cricket streaming pak vs sa Live Cricket Score
PAK vs SA Live Streaming, Live Score, Pakistan vs South Africa ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

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Pakistan full score  308/7 (50.0)  |  221/6 (44.0) RR:5.02 Score South Africa

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shaheen Afridi to David Miller 

OUT! TIMBER! Game, set and match for Pakistan? Probably yes! Miller had to go for it, the run rate kept on increasing and he perishes in the attempt to do so. He takes a few steps down and Shaheen Afridi bowls it somewhat shorter on center. Miller looks to heave it but misses and the ball hits the top of leg stump. 

39.4 Shadab Khan to Rassie van der Dussen 

OUT! Pakistan finally hang onto one. An excellent catch this by Hafeez. Also, astute bowling from Shadab. He moderates it up and bowls it outside off, it is the leg spinner. It pitches and turns away. Rassie looks to hit it against the spin, over the leg side but gets a top edge. It goes high in the air, so high that it probably has snow on it as it comes down. Sarfaraz goes for it and Hafeez from point is also interested. The latter calls for it, Sarfaraz leaves it alone and Mohammad takes it with a jump on his right side.

Mohammad Amir to Faf du Plessis 

OUT! In the air... taken! Faf du Plessis is gone and this is a body blow for South Africa. Their expectations of chasing this down has been dented big time here. Amir does what he was expedited for. Excellent bowling change from Pakistan. This is marginally short and angling away from off. The line was key as Faf looks to drag his shot on the leg side. All he manages is a top edge which goes high up in the air beside the wicket. Sarfaraz calls for it and makes no mistake. The group here knows the importance of the wicket as they are going bonkers. Pakistan easily on top right now. 173 needed in 123.

Shadab Khan to Aiden Markram 

OUT! KABOOM! Shadab gets another and Markram's poor World Cup continues. This was on the cards wasn't? He has always been shaky against spin and falls to a spinner. Poor shot selection! It is the slider on off, it slips through. Markram goes back and looks to cut. The line and the length is not right, it slips through and disturbs the stumps. South Africa now in inconvenience here. 206 progressively needed in 161 balls.

Shadab Khan to Quinton de Kock 

OUT! That is clean as a whistle! Important, important catch and a big, big wicket as de Kock just started to get going. Also, this 87-run partnership started to look very threatening. Shadab Khan tosses this up on middle, de Kock looks to play the slog sweep. He does not get it off the middle and it goes flat towards deep square leg. Imam there seems to have taken it inches above the ground. The Pakistan players celebrate but the umpire are seen having a chat in the middle. They then take it upstairs and the SOFT SIGNAL IS OUT! Replays come in and it demonstrates that the ball has not touched the ground. De Kock walks back after getting off to one more start. Pakistan back on top now 

Keeping South Africa in the huntKeeping South Africa in the hunt

Mohammad Amir to Hashim Amla 

OUT! LBW! Three reds and Amla is a goner! Amir strikes on his first ball itself! Excellent use of the technology. Amir lands this around middle and leg and gets it to tail back in. Amla looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. An appeal follows but the umpire shakes his head. The ball rolls towards square leg as the batsmen cross ends. Amir is confident that is plumb but Sarfaraz doesn't know. He eventually goes with his bowler and takes the audit. Replays come in and they demonstrate that the ball is pitching in line and is hitting the leg stump. South Africa have been shaken early, just the start they didn't want.

pakistan vs south africa 1st Inning live score

pakistan vs south africa

49.5 Lungi Ngidi to Haris Sohail 

OUT! No ton for Sohail! But a knock which probably could make the distinction. He walks off to a standing ovation and he merits all of it. Ngidi gets another! His third. It is the slower one on middle, once again a batsman does not pick it. Sohail is early in his trudge. The top edge is induced and it goes high up in the air towards the manager who makes no mistake. Three runs and two wickets in this finished. One ball to go, can Ngidi end it well? 

49.1  Lungi Ngidi to Wahab Riaz 

OUT! TIMBER! Totally deluded there! Ngidi rolls his fingers on this conveyance, lands it on off. Wahab is way too early in the shot. He misses and the ball hits the top of middle. Ideal start to the last over for South Africa. Pak vs SA | pakistan | live cricket streaming

47.6  Lungi Ngidi to Imad Wasim 

OUT! Good catch to end a brilliant, brilliant partnership for Pakistan! The team have clearly done their activity. Imad uses his feet and looks to clear long off. Does not get under the ball however and hence the distance is not there. Substitute Duminy in the profound runs in and takes a good catch diving forward. 

41.2  Andile Phehlukwayo to Babar Azam 

OUT! Azam openings out! Phehlukwayo gets the huge fish! Once again Azam does not convert his fifty. End of the stand that was looking threatening. Andile goes full and outside off, Azam looks to go inside out but ends up hitting it a little too squarer than he would have enjoyed. It goes straight to Ngidi at sweeper spread who makes no mistake. South Africa need to continue taking wickets on the off chance that they are to stem the run stream here. 

29.6  Aiden Markram to Mohammad Hafeez 

OUT! Markram breaks the stand which was looking really promising! He gives the vital breakthrough. He is probably the last bowler who I thought would take a wicket for South Africa today. He bowls this amazingly full around off, it pitches and straightens. Hafeez picks the wrong ball to clear. He misses and gets hit on the pads. An appeal follows and the umpire raises the finger. Azam and Hafeez do have a chat but then the 15 seconds are up and Hafeez has to continue the long walk back. Good he didn't survey as Ball Tracker demonstrates three reds. South Africa continue to take auspicious wickets. 

20.3  Imran Tahir to Imam-ul-Haq 

OUT! WHAT A CATCH THAT IS! An absolute shocker from Imran Tahir. It is as yet hard to believe this person is a 40-year old. There, he indicated reflexes of a 18-year old. Absolutely magnificent. With that bit of brilliance, he has also become South Africa's highest wicket taker in World Cups. Tahir floats this up around off, Imam sees the flight and descends the track, he hits it immovably to the right of the bowler. Tahir reacts rapidly, gets down, stretches one hand to his right and the ball sticks. Imam can't believe it and Tahir is off on his celebratory run. Second for Tahir, he has brought South Africa back into the game. Both the openers have been dismissed for 44. Pakistan vs South Africa, Match 30, ICC Cricket World Cup...

14.5 Imran Tahir to Fakhar Zaman 

OUT! Caught at slip! Imran Tahir is off on a celebratory run and South Africa have their first wicket. Full and around off, Fakhar looks to play the paddle but gets an outside edge. The ball throws in the air and Tahir is already running to one side before Amla can take the catch. All the hard work put in by Fakhar has been undone by this poor decision of a shot. Nevertheless, a strong opening stand from Pakistan.

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