india vs pakistan, batting line up live score and live straming

india vs pakistan, batting line up live score and live straming, ICC Cricket World Cup, watching live cricket match, live streaming, ind vs pak match

india vs pakistan, batting line up live score and live straming
india vs pakistan, batting line up live score and live straming

india vs pakistan, batting line up live score and live straming

India vs Pakistan Live Cricket Score, World Cup 2019: Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli power India to 336/5 
India vs Pakistan (IND vs PAK) Live Score, ICC World Cup 2019: India have a dominant head-to-head record against Pakistan in World Cups as they have never lost in their last six experiences against their Asian rival. In any case, Pakistan would hope to take confidence from their Champions Trophy 2017 win in request to register their first win in the history of the tournament against India, at Old Trafford on Sunday.

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Pakistan Batting Runs 166//Wickets 6  (Overs 35.0) RR:4.74

this match details Read India beat Pakistan by 89 runs (D/L method)

Vijay Shankar to Sarfaraz Ahmed OUT! Another one hits the stumps! India on a roll. Shankar on a roll. Pakistan seem to have no goal. They are neither able to attack, nor able to survive. Outside off, on a length, Sarfaraz looks to work it to the leg side but the ball cuts in off the seam, takes the inside edge and hits the leg stump. Sorry state of affairs for Pakistan and Sarfaraz. Ind vs Pak, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match Live Streaming

Hardik Pandya to Shoaib Malik OUT! Hardik Pandya gets another! Shoaib Malik drags it on and bags a duck yet again. What an over this is turning out to be! To be honest, once again there was nothing extraordinary with the delivery. Hardik lands it on a length close to off stump and Malik tries to play close to his body. But it takes the inner half of his blade and goes behind to tickle the stumps. Hardik jumps in joy. The Men in Blue are roaring and so are the Indian spectators in the crowd. Pandya is on a hat-trick but will have to wait for the next over. India vs Pakistan Cricket Live streaming

Hardik Pandya to Mohammad Hafeez OUT! Professor has found the fielder with surgical precision! Should be nicknamed Doctor! A nothing delivery really. Pandya is just lucky to have this wicket. Delivers a full ball on the pads, Hafeez flicks it behind square leg but fails to keep it down. A fielder is placed exactly there and Vijay Shankar makes no mistake. The wheels are coming off for Pakistan after a big stand. They are completely falling apart now. A massive 208 needed and only 139 balls left.

India vs Pakistan cricket Live Score and live Streaming

Kuldeep Yadav to Fakhar Zaman OUT! In the air... and taken! Normally, after a long partnership, a wicket often results in another closely on its heels. Two set batsmen have been dismissed by Kuldeep in the span of 3 balls. Full and around middle, Zaman looks to play the sweep but gets a top edge. There is a short fine leg in place and he runs to his left to accept a dolly. Chahal takes it easily. No century for Zaman and Pakistan doing what they did against Australia. Building a platform and themselves demolishing it.

Kuldeep Yadav to Babar Azam OUT! BOWLED! Beautiful bowling from Kuldeep. Tossed up outside off, Azam lunges to defend but the ball comes back in, takes the inside edge, exposes the big gap between bat and pad and hits the timber. The 104-run stand has been broken and Pakistan are back in trouble. 220 more needed from 156 balls.

Yuzvendra Chahal to Babar AzamSIX! High and long! Runs have started to come thick and fast for Pakistan! Loopy full ball on off, Azam kneels down and smokes it over mid-wicket for a biggie. The square boundaries are shorter in dimensions and Babar used it to full advantage. India vs Pakistan | Match 22 | ICC - Cricket World Cup

pakistan  scoreIndia are clearly rushing through their overs. It has gone pretty dark again and an interruption may not be far away. Meanwhile, Ravindra Jadeja is on the field as a substitute for Bhuvneshwar Kumar. The camera pans onto the Indian balcony where there is a massive discussion going on with some concern writ on the people's faces.

Holds the key for Pakistan!Vijay Shankar to Imam-ul-Haq OUT! Trapped right in front! Bhuvi going off has not hurt India much, in fact Shankar has hit the jackpot with his very first delivery in the World Cup! Nothing extraordinary about this delivery. It's full and around leg, quite straight but there is a drastic drop in pace. Imam, who was used to playing faster ones until this one, fails to adjust and is late into his shot. He tries to flick but misses and is rapped on the pads. The appeal goes up and so does the finger. The Indian players are ecstatic. Vijay draws first blood and Pakistan lose their reliable opener.

Scratch all that. The players are back on the field. Scratch all that which was scratched any which ways. The players go off again! Kid, this is frustrating. The players had gone onto the field, but just when Imam-ul-Haq was taking guard, the shower returned and the players were asked to go. Presently, the float spread comes on and ironically, the ground is bathed in sunshine. Virat Kohli sits in the burrow and is having a smile about that. India vs Pakistan cricket Live Score and live Streaming

UPDATE - 3.15 PM LOCAL (1415 GMT) - Ohh the whimsical English weather. A lot of sunshine 5 minutes back, heavily overcast at this point. It has started to shower again and the umpires are heading back. There is a massive patch of dark cloud checking the attendance at Old Trafford and its facilities, whether the ground can take the rain or not and the inspection by this rain cloud may take some time. India vs Pakistan Cricket Live streaming

Welcome back. No. Return. We should have started at this point, but the heavens have opened up again. Umbrellas are up in the stands and it is coming down pretty heavily. The good news is, only the drift spread is on, so this may not be a major delay. In fact, splendid sunshine is currently enveloping the ground. Should not be far from the start. 

337 to win then. Pakistan faltered chasing 308 against Australia. India's bowling attack is much more penetrating than the Aussies and bowls with much more control. All the best then. Ind vs Pak, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match Live Streaming

KL Rahul is down for a chat with Michael Clarke. Rahul says that it has been some time since he opened in ODIs and is happy that he could get the team off to a good start. Stresses that given the fact that Pakistan's new-ball bowlers swing the ball a ton, it was a plan to see off the first 10 overs. Admits that he was nervous, but not because it was India-Pakistan but rather because he had to wait for more than 2 years in the sidelines to feature in the ODI team. On the pitch, Rahul reckons that the pitch will be spiced up by the rain and believes that India's bowlers will carry out the responsibility. Adds that the track will aid turn and that will enable his team to much more.  India vs Pakistan | Match 22 | ICC - Cricket World Cup

Not the greatest of bowling displays by Pakistan, especially after electing to bowl. They had the conditions in their favor, with the skies overcast but couldn't make much use of those. And with the ball not swinging around much, they lost patience and started spraying it around. Mohammad Amir continued his resurgence with a 3-wicket haul to pursue his 5-fer against Australia. None of the others were impressive. Imad Wasim was economical but he just focused on curtailing the batsmen and did not go for wickets. Hassan Ali persevered through a torrid outing while Wahab Riaz couldn't do much.