India vs New Zealand, World Cup semifinal Live Streaming

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India vs New Zealand, World Cup semifinal Live Streaming
new zeland vs india cricket live streaming, icc world cup semi-final,

New Zeland vs India Cricket live Streaming, ICC World Cup Semi-Final

India vs New Zealand Preview, 1st Semi-Final India 221 (49.3)/ 239/8 (50.0)New Zealand New Zealand

Jimmy Neesham to Yuzvendra Chahal 

FOUR! Good start to the over! Neesham delivers a length ball on middle and leg, Chahal deflects it neatly off his pads to fine leg for a boundary. 

48.1 Lockie Ferguson to MS Dhoni 

SIX! Up and over! What a shot! Dhoni has chosen to unleash now. Short in length and outside off, MS jumps on the back foot and muscles it over cover-point. The fielder in the deep jumps but it goes over him for a biggie. Best possible start for India in this over! 

45.4 Trent Boult to Ravindra Jadeja 

Restless FOUR! India will take them all! A slower shaper by Boult, around off, Jadeja is deluded there as he pushes at it early. But to his good fortune, it takes the outside edge and speeds away to the third man fence. 44 needed off 26 balls. 

44.4 Lockie Ferguson to Ravindra Jadeja 

SIX! Sublime! No power, all timing! Jadeja, you beauty! A length ball outside off, angling away, Jadeja leans forward and pumps it over long off. The fielder there was inside the ring so it was a safe shot too. 

41.4 Jimmy Neesham to Ravindra Jadeja 

FOUR! Jadeja is doing it here for India! Back of a length ball on off, Ravindra sticks on the back foot, rides the skip and thumps it via a strong force shot. The fielder inside the ring at mid-wicket (Ross Taylor) misfields and it races away to the fence. 

40.5 Mitchell Santner to Ravindra Jadeja 

SIX! Bang! Jadeja wears his dancing shoes again. He skips down the track in a flash, finds the ball in his arc and swings it enormously over mid-wicket for a maximum. The group has discovered its voice back. This partnership has reignited hopes in the Indian camp! 

39.1 Lockie Ferguson to Ravindra Jadeja 

FOUR! Good start to the over for India! A short delivery but it's down the leg side, Jadeja gloves his attempted force shot and it screams past the diving keeper for a boundary at fine leg. 50-run stand comes up! 

38.4 Mitchell Santner to Ravindra Jadeja 

SIX! This one has disappeared! Jadeja is playing a pearl here. Taking calculative risks every now and then and finding the fence. This time he shimmies down the track to a full ball around middle and launches it over wide long on. 100 needed off 68 balls. 

37.2 Matt Henry to Ravindra Jadeja 

FOUR! Stand and convey! Back of a length delivery, Jadeja remains back footed, fetches it from outside off and hammer-pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary. 

33.3 Trent Boult to MS Dhoni 

FOUR! Unadulterated timing! Another full toss and this time Dhoni makes full use of it. Just presents the full face of his bat and pushes it with great timing. The mid off fielder chases but only comes second in the race. First boundary for MSD! 

32.3 Jimmy Neesham to Ravindra Jadeja 

SIX! Dismissed! Sir Jadeja on the charge. 100 up for India! A length delivery in the line of the stumps, Ravindra jumps down the track and hoists it over long on for a biggie. This is dismissive for a bowling to be hit over his head that way. 

19.6 Jimmy Neesham to Rishabh Pant 

Restless FOUR! Width on offer outside off, Pant flashes his bat at it and edges it down to third man for a boundary. New Zealand's back-up bowling ain't looking too penetrative here. Good chance for India to recover from early blows. This stand has now moved to 46! 

13.3 Matt Henry to Hardik Pandya 

FOUR! Finds the gap and there is enough on the ball to take it to the fence. Fractionally short in length and around off, Hardik is on his toes as he punches it sweetly through cover-point for a cracking boundary. 

11.2 Matt Henry to Rishabh Pant 

FOUR! Very much planned! Pant is doing nicely here. He is not giving capacity to his shots, just relying on timing. Short in length and around leg, Rishabh turns inside the crease and executes a controlled destroy shot down to fine leg. It races away to the fence in a flash. 

10.6 Trent Boult to Hardik Pandya 

FOUR! Tickled fine! Down the leg side, on a length, Hardik just helps it away, albeit off the handle, past the keeper, to the fine leg fence! 

9.2 Matt Henry to Rishabh Pant 

FOUR! Pounded through the gap! Henry pitches it up and outside off, Pant presses forward and nicely transfers his weight into his shot. Doesn't attempt to hit it hard, just times it superbly along with placing it through the gap among covers and extra cover. Glorious. 

8.5 Trent Boult to Dinesh Karthik 

FOUR! Off the mark after 20 balls. Soft hands there. Full and outside off, angling away from the batsman, Karthik gets forward with an angled bat and tenderly pushes it past the left side of the point fielder. Good timing. This shot will help DK feel a lot better about himself. 

5.5 Matt Henry to Rishabh Pant 

FOUR! He won't leave full tosses go unpunished. It's around off, Pant leans into the drive and thumps it through the gap between cover-point and point for a boundary

new zealand In​ning Summary!​​​​​​Inning Summary!


Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Mitchell Santner 

FOUR! Nicely placed. Santner picks the change in pace early, it's on the shortish length and outside off, Santner packs a punch and sends it screaming away to the sweeper cover fence. 

43.6 Yuzvendra Chahal to Colin de Grandhomme 

FOUR! 18 runs from the over, a massive one for New Zealand. They are looking set to reach around 250 now. Poor delivery, short and wide outside off, de Grandhomme rocks back and spanks it through point for a boundary. 

43.3 Yuzvendra Chahal to Ross Taylor 

FOUR! On the off chance that Jadeja cannot arrive, no one can! Fuller in length around leg, Taylor clears his front leg and whips it across the line. It speeds through to the fence beating the diving attempt from Jadeja in the deep. 

43.1 Yuzvendra Chahal to Ross Taylor 

FOUR! Fifty up for Ross Taylor, his 50th ODI fifty, second in this World Cup! Chahal lands it full and on middle, Rosco kneels and smokes it over mid-wicket for a big deal. Not in form? Call India. This is something that has not changed over the years. Just the other day, an out of form, Angelo Mathews got a century against the Men in Blue. 

42.5 Hardik Pandya to Colin de Grandhomme 

FOUR! Shot! Great placement. Short in length and outside off, Colin stands tall inside the crease and smashes it through backward point for a cracking boundary. 

40.5 Hardik Pandya to Jimmy Neesham 

FOUR! Connects and connects well this time! Back of a length ball around middle and leg, Neesham camps back and pulls it solidly through square leg for a cracking boundary. The bowler gestures that he wanted the square leg fielder to be straighter. 

34.4 Ravindra Jadeja to Kane Williamson 

FOUR! BANG! Full and outside off, Williamson gets down and mows a slog sweep over mid-wicket! One bob and into the fence. 

30.1 Hardik Pandya to Kane Williamson 

Restless FOUR! Short in length and on middle, Williamson top edges his attempted destroy shot down to fine leg. It falls safely and then rolls past the rope. 

29.5 Yuzvendra Chahal to Ross Taylor 

FOUR! First sweep shot attempted by Taylor and it has brought him a boundary. Drifting down the leg side, Ross goes down on one knee and sweeps it immovably behind square leg for a boundary. 

27.6 Yuzvendra Chahal to Ross Taylor 

EDGED, FOUR! Not a very bad ball from Chahal. Short, yes, but not much room. Landed outside off, Taylor goes back to slice but is too close to the ball. Gets a thick outside edge which flies past slip to the third man fence! 10 from the over, a rare good one fro New Zealand. 

27.3 Yuzvendra Chahal to Kane Williamson 

FOUR! Agricultural shot from Williamson. Full and around leg, Williamson gets down and mows a slog sweep. Or on the other hand looks to. The bat turns in his hand however and the ball scoots off the inner half through mid-wicket. A lot of free real estate there. First boundary since the fourteenth over! 

13.6 Hardik Pandya to Kane Williamson 

FOUR! Misfield in the deep! Shortish and close to off, Williamson leans back and steers it through backward point. Chahal runs across to his right from third man, puts in a plunge but fails to cut it off. A boundary results and that brings up the 50-run stand between the present pair. 

11.4 Hardik Pandya to Kane Williamson 

FOUR! Pounded! Just a bit short in length and around off, Williamson gets close to the line and then pulls it with great timing through mid-wicket for a boundary. He becomes the fourth skipper to score 500-plus runs in a single edition of a World Cup. 

10.4 Ravindra Jadeja to Henry Nicholls 

FOUR! Not quite from the middle of the bat. Flatter and fuller on off, spinning down, Nicholls sweeps it from the bottom half of his bat and it runs wide of leg slip for a boundary. 

8.2 Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Kane Williamson 

FOUR! Class of Williamson! Kumar goes fuller and straighter, Kane leans forward with a straight bat and caresses it down the ground. The outfield is lightning brisk and it beats the sprint of Chahal from mid on. 

7.6 Jasprit Bumrah to Henry Nicholls 

FOUR! Best shot of the match, so far! Slightly too full from Bumrah, around off, Henry is on the front foot as he creams his drive through the gap between extra cover and mid off. First boundary has come in the eighth over for New Zealand.

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