india vs New Zealand cricket World Cup, Semi-Final cricket live streaming

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india vs New Zealand cricket  World Cup, Semi-Final cricket  live streaming
cricket world cup schedule, cricket internet, live cricket broadcast, cricket magazine,

india vs New Zealand cricket  World Cup, Semi-Final cricket  live streaming

India vs New Zealand Preview, 1st Semi-Final India 221 (49.3) 239/8 (50.0) New Zealand New Zealand


Jimmy Neesham to Yuzvendra Chahal 

OUT! NEW ZEALAND ARE IN THE FINAL! Shortish and around off, Chahal winds up for a major heave-ho across the line but fails to middle his shot. There is a slight sound as it goes past his bat and Latham appeals after collecting the ball by going down low. The finger has gone up. Chahal challenges that decision but the Ultra Edge finds a spike. All over for India. Dreams shattered. A superb win for the Black Caps, they have gone ahead top by 18 runs! 

48.6 Lockie Ferguson to Bhuvneshwar Kumar 

OUT! BOWLED! Slower ball does the trap from the fastest bowler in New Zealand. Lockie changes his pace, dishes it out at 123 kph and it is too good for Bhuvi. He is early into his defensive jab and misses it all ends up. The ball hits the base of the off stump. A run out and a wicket from the 49th over. Lockie Ferguson, take a bow. 23 needed from the final over now. 

48.3 Lockie Ferguson to MS Dhoni 

OUT! Dhoni is short! The group has gone silent. Is this the last nail in the coffin? Ferguson bangs in a short ball on middle, hurrying up Dhoni with extra bob. He somehow keeps it out behind square leg and crosses for a run. Wants the second and rushes back but before he could make it, Guptill has scored an immediate hit at the striker's end. The third umpire is alluded and the replays find Dhoni is just short. Is this the finish of the dreams for the Men in Blue? Is this the last time we are seeing MS Dhoni? He is disheartened to say the least. Credit to Guppy for that scintillating bit of fielding, constrained to turn out with this kind of an effort is simply outstanding. Guess no one realized it, but Dhoni got to his half century with the first run of this run out. 

47.5 Trent Boult to Ravindra Jadeja 

OUT! Jadeja is gone! Heartbreak for him and India! He tries to heave a length ball over the leg side but gets a top edge. It goes straight up in the air, Williamson runs across to his left from extra cover and takes the pressure catch safely. End of a magnificent knock by Sir but India still need 32 off 13 balls. This is going right down to the wire.  icc world cup, West Indies vs New Zealand, live cricket...

30.3 Mitchell Santner to Hardik Pandya 

OUT! Caught! That is a good catch from Kane Williamson. Pivotal turning point in the game. My colleague Raghav signals to me - 'Game over.' Santner's relentlessness has brought him and his team another wicket. Full and outside off, tossed up nicely, Hardik gets down to play the slog sweep. But the ball comes slowly off the surface and spins away, inducing a top edge. It lobs in the air and has not gone too far. Kane Williamson backtracks from short mid-wicket and takes a good catch over his head. Huge blow once again. 148 more needed from 117 balls.  West Indies vs New Zealand Live Score

22.5 Mitchell Santner to Rishabh Pant 

OUT! Caught! Pant has thrown it away. Kohli is furious with his future ODI wicket-keeper. Needless, pretty needless at this stage. The partnership was going nicely and all India needed was to continue the milking around. Full and outside off, Pant gets down and looks to play the slog sweep. The shot is nice but he has fallen right into the trap. There is a man stationed at deep mid-wicket and Colin de Grandhomme runs to his right and takes a good catch. Pant walks back distraught, now thinking about what he SHOULD not have done. Replays show that the ball skid off the surface. So a bit of a credit to Santner as well.  New Zealand beat West Indies by 5 runs

9.6 Matt Henry to Dinesh Karthik 

OUT! Another catch for the feature reel! What a stunner by Jimmy Neesham! Jonty Rhodesque! The Kiwis are roaring in enjoyment! Henry delivers it on a length and outside off, Karthik presses forward and opens the face of his bat to push it square of the wicket on the off side. But he fails to hold it down and Neesham, standing at point, dives across to his left and snaps it inches above the surface. Tremendous. Great reflexes. Another hit to India, they are diminished to 24/4 and suddenly a small target is looking like a gigantic one for them.  New Zealand Vs South Africa, Live Cricket Streaming

3.1 Matt Henry to KL Rahul 

OUT! KL Rahul departs too! This is going from bad to worse for India! 5/3! Henry dishes out a back of a length ball outside off, Rahul feels for it inside the line but the ball nips away a bit to take the outside edge. Latham dives across to his right and takes an outstanding catch. Virat Kohli is standing discouraged in the dressing room. The Men in Blue in massive issue with the cream of their batting expelled.  New Zealand vs South Africa | Match 25 | ICC

2.4 Trent Boult to Virat Kohli 

OUT! LBW! Umpire's call! Virat Kohli is gone and India are in a spot of bother. The Indian skipper never looked settled in his short stay. Boult delivers it a touch short and lands it on middle. The ball nips back in a shade to beat the attempted flick of Kohli. It pings him on the pads, the Kiwi players appeal vociferously and the finger goes up. Kohli consults his partner who is not too sure. The Indian skipper eventually takes the referral. The Ultra Edge shows no bat but breaking the hearts of millions and millions of Indian fans, the Ball Tracker shows it to cut the top of the stumps. 235 needed off 284 balls.  India vs New Zealand | Match 18 | ICC - Cricket World Cup

1.3 Matt Henry to Rohit Sharma 

OUT! MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGH FOR NEW ZEALAND! Body hit to India. Rohit Sharma, the in-form batsman, is on his bicycle. Dynamite delivery by Matt Henry. He angles it on a length around off and forces the batsman to play the line. Rohit tries to shut it out but the ball then moves away after pitching to kiss the outside edge of his bat. Tom Latham makes no mistake and New Zealand are ecstatic. They know the value of this wicket. India pegged back early. india vs new zealand, live streaming


So 240 is the target for India to seal their place in the 2019 World Cup finals at Lord's. It is not the easiest pitch to bat on. Join us for India's answer which begins shortly.  India vs New Zealand | Match 18 | Cricket World Cup

For India, all the five bowlers who bowled were good. Apart from Chahal no one else went for more than 6 rpo. All 5 bowlers picked at least a wicket with Bhuvneshwar being the pick of the lot, scalping 3. Bangladesh vs New Zealand, live cricket streaming

Just brushing your memory a bit! New Zealand opted to bat yesterday but failed to get their innings moving against some very accurate bowling by India. Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor restored the innings but they also thought that it was tough to score runs at a good rate. The stand between Colin de Grandhomme and Ross Taylor gave a little bit of impetus to their innings but that also didn't last for long. After that the rain played the spoiled sport and we resumed today and the Indian bowlers finished things quite aptly. 

Bangladesh vs New Zealand ,Innings Break bangladesh score  28 runs off the remaining 23 balls today, that's all New Zealand managed to get! The target for India is 240 to march into the final at Lord's. Ravindra Jadeja was the star of this little session. A stupendous run out pursued by a cracking great made a decision about catch near the fence - That's the feature so far on Day 2 of this semifinal.

cricket ,New Zealand beat India by 6 wickets

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Matt Henry 

OUT! Another one falls! A simple catch in the deep for the Indian skipper. Slightly short in length and outside off, Henry stays back to muscle it downtown but fails to get enough power behind his shot. Kohli at deep mid-wicket accepts the simplest of catches gleefully. 

48.1 Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Tom Latham 

OUT! Jadeja again, this time with a well-coordinated catch in the deep! What an asset he is to this team! Kumar serves a back of a length ball around off, Latham stays back to control it over the leg side but it takes the bottom half of his bat and flies to deep mid-wicket. Jadeja, manning that region, moves back a bit and then jumps to catch the ball over his head. Two wickets in two balls for India and both the overnight batsmen are dismissed due the sheer brilliance of Jadeja in the field. Matt Henry is the new batsman out in the middle now. 

47.6 Jasprit Bumrah to Ross Taylor 

OUT! Ravindra Jadeja strikes with his bullet arm! Wow, what a fielder, what an outstanding fielder! Another slower delivery by Bumrah has been worked with gentle hands to deep mid-wicket. Taylor tries to steal the second run and charges back. Jadeja, in the deep, attacks the ball, picks it up and hits the dead center at the striker's end. He knows that he has got the batsman and straightaway runs in satisfaction. The third umpire is alluded and Ross is indeed short of the crease. 

44.4 Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Colin de Grandhomme 

OUT! Colin de Grandhomme is misled by a slower one. Kumar drops it short and around off, Colin tries to play the upper cut late but it takes the outside edge and settles into the gloves of Dhoni. MS tosses the ball up in celebration, the bowler has his arm up as he runs in euphoria and de Grandhomme also starts to walk back. The 38-run stand which came off 22 balls has been broken. Vital breakthrough as this pair was looking dangerous. 

40.6 Hardik Pandya to Jimmy Neesham 

OUT! Neesham holes out. A seam up delivery from Pandya, on a length and around the pads, Neesham tries to heave it over the leg side but mistimes his shot towards wide long on. Dinesh Karthik moves forward and across to his left in the deep and takes the skier safely. Good wicket this for India as Jimmy has the ability to hit long and can be a dangerous batsman in the death overs. 

35.2 Yuzvendra Chahal to Kane Williamson 

OUT! Big blow to New Zealand! There was certainly a change in tactics from the Kiwis post the Drinks break and Kane attempted to be aggressor in this partnership. Failed to last long however. Chahal delivers a leg spinner around off, Williamson attempts for a roll over the infield on the off side but it spins away at the last minute to take the outside half of his bat. It flies straight into the hands of Jadeja at backward point. He will take these catches even in his sleep. Easy-peasy, India break through with a prized wicket. 

18.2 Ravindra Jadeja to Henry Nicholls 

OUT! Right through the gate! Sir Jadeja strikes to break the 68-run stand! A lovely delivery. Nice flight and there is some turn off the surface too. It lands around off, Nicholls strides forward to guard with a straight bat but it curls back in, beats the inside edge and shatters the stumps. Brilliant ball and this will give good confidence to the spinners playing in this match. 

3.3 Jasprit Bumrah to Martin Guptill 

OUT! Edged and gone! This was on the cards with so many dot deliveries. Bumrah serves it on a back of a length around off at 138 kph and gets it to straighten a touch. Guptill sticks back and pushes inside the line. He gets a thick outside edge behind and Virat Kohli stretches his hands up at second slip to finish the catch safely. Breathtaking start for India and the sorry form of Guptill continues

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