england vs pakistan, Details, Live Cricket Score, Wickets

england vs pakistan, Details, Live Cricket Score Wickets, ICC World Cup 2019 Schedule, Points Table, Final Teams List , Latest Cricket Score, Updates

england vs pakistan, Details, Live Cricket Score, Wickets
england vs pakistan, Details, Live Cricket Score, Wickets

England Run Total 204/4 (over 32.5)

had it been a just another ODI england would be dealing in only boundaries atm but it's the world cup. pressure can easily be seen. #ENGvPAK #CWC19

21.2  Shoaib Malik to Ben Stokes 

OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! The legend of the last game for Britain is going for the long stroll back. By and by an off spinner shows signs of improvement of a left-hander today. Malik it is this time. This is snappier and it is only outside off. Stokes misreads the line as he goes to cut. That shot is never on. An outside edge and Sarfaraz takes a sharp catch. 231 progressively required in 172 balls with 6 wickets close by for Britain.

Beverages break. 150 increasingly required for a success for Britain. The present association has positively given them trust after every one of the hiccups. Joe Root has done well to stay this pursuit and Jos Buttler is doing what he does best. On the off chance that these two last the separation, the outcome in all probability will be agreeable to the Three Lions. For Pakistan, it's tied in with keeping it together and going after for a leap forward. A wicket or two from here and they will extravagant their odds more. As of now, from a nonpartisan's perspective, we are seeking after an exciting completion.Shadab Khan to Jos Buttler

Drinks break. 150 more needed for a win for England. The current partnership has certainly given them hope after all the hiccups. Joe Root has done well to anchor this chase and Jos Buttler is doing what he does best. If these two last the distance, the result most likely will be in favour of the Three Lions. For Pakistan, it's all about hanging in there and trying for a breakthrough. A wicket or two from here and they will fancy their chances more. Currently, from a neutral's point of view, we are hoping for a thrilling finish.

Preview: England vs Pakistan14.5 

Mohammad Hafeez to Eoin Morgan 

OUT! BOWLED Them! Hafeez is the man for Pakistan today. Did it with the bat and now doing it with the ball. He gets the Britain captain. Morgan's ploy of playing Hafeez on the back foot demonstrates to be his demise. Hafeez bowls this faster and it is on center, Morgan presumably could have played that on the front foot yet rather returns. The ball slips through and even before Morgan could get his bat down, the ball sneaks through and hits the stumps. Britain slip further here.


8.6  Wahab Riaz to Jonny Bairstow 

OUT! The ball takes the shoulder of the bat and Jonny Bairstow is a goner! Wahab is siphoned up. By and by the additional ricochet improves of Bairstow. It is a back of a length conveyance and it is calculating far from off. JB hopes to control it down to third man however the ball kisses the upper portion of his edge because of the additional skip and goes into the gloves of the attendant. Convenient wicket for the visitors as this organization was looking hazardous. Pakistan effectively on top right now. They have both the English openers back in the cabin inside Powerplay 1. 


Shadab Khan to Jason Roy 

OUT! Roy is a dead duck! Britain lose their audit in the third over itself. By and by, early leg turn is the fixing of a Britain opener in this World Glass. The Pakistan players are delighted as they have the hazardous Roy. He plans the compass shot yet he picks the wrong ball. This is too full around off. Roy misses and is hit on the cushions. An intrigue, a boisterous one and the umpire raises his finger. After a long talk with his accomplice, Roy audits. Time for the replays and they appear there is no inside edge. Three reds on the Ball Tracker. Roy strolls off in sicken, he has a word with the umpire as he strolls back yet not certain what was the topic of discussion. Early difficulty for Britain.