England vs New Zealand, Cricket World Cup Final match Full Scores

England vs New Zealand, Cricket World Cup Final match Full Scores , online cricket streaming, watch cric, cricket magazine cricket news update

England vs New Zealand, Cricket World Cup Final match Full Scores
England vs New Zealand, Cricket World Cup Final match Full Scores

England vs New Zealand, Cricket World Cup Final match Full Scores

England England 241 (50.0) RR:4.82 Vs 241/8 (50.0) RR:4.82 New Zealandnew zealand

Super Over In Progress

Ball 6: Trent Boult to Jos Buttler, FOUR! New Zealand need 16 to win! Boult misses the yorker mark and serves a low full toss around leg, Buttler plonks his front leg away from the line and clobbers it over mid-wicket for a boundary.


Match Info 

Match: Final
Series; World Cup, 2019
Date & Time: 14th July, 15:00 (IST)
Venue; Lord's, London

Toss: New Zealand, Elected To: Bat

Weather: Overcast

Umpires: Marais Erasmus (SA), Kumar Dharmasena (SL) and Rod Tucker (AUS)

Referee: Ranjan Madugalle (SL)

Who will astonish this? Trent Boult? Matt Henry? Lockie Ferguson? Hunch says Boult. The Kiwis are in a cluster. 

Unbelievable. We have a Super Finished. After 45 days of grueling cricket, with 2 teams standing, the final match has come about into a Super Finished. Rewind your brains back to T20 cricket. England were chasing, so they will bat first. Who are their three batsmen? Stokes, Buttler and? Roy? Bairstow?

Trent Boult to Ben Stokes 

OUT! Rashid is run out! Too full in length outside off, Stokes drills it down to long off and has to return for the second run. Santner calmly grabs the ball and tosses it to the bowler. Boult takes the bails off and Rashid is not even in the frame. Importantly, Ben Stokes is protesting. 2 required off 1! You can cut the tension with a blade here.

Jimmy Neesham to Jofra Archer 

OUT! Death rattle, Neesham with the second wicket in the over and England are left with getting 15 keeps running off 6 balls. A shrewd slower delivery by Neesh. It's on a length around center at 118 kph. Archer stays back and tries to heave it over the leg side. But it brushes his back pad and breaks the stumps behind. Jimmy has astounded a magnificent penultimate!

Jimmy Neesham to Liam Plunkett 

OUT! Plunkett is out of here. The wicket as well as a spot, England hurting more. Neesham serves it on a length outside off, in the opening, Plunkett tries to tower it into the stand at long off but fails to get enough distance on his shot. Trent Boult settles underneath it at long off. He is not dropping those. 22 required off 9 balls, this game is fast slipping away from England. Stokes, their only expectation, is back protesting

Lockie Ferguson to Chris Woakes 

OUT! Woakes falls! Ferguson with another wicket! His third of the final. Back of a length ball on center, slower in pace, Woakes moves back to pull it across the line but it takes the top edge and flies behind. Latham takes a stage back initially and then realizes it's falling in front. Tom does well to extend his hands and catch the ball safely. 39 required off 23 balls.

Lockie Ferguson to Jos Buttler 

OUT! Buttler gaps out! Is this the turning point of this final? Great catch by the substitute defender, Southee. The Black Caps have an opening. 46 required off 31 balls. This is heading towards a strained finish, people. Coming to the delivery, it's back of a length around off, on the slower side at 123 kph, Buttler camps back to muscle it over covers but fails to center his shot appropriately. It takes off the outer portion of his bat and Southee comes sprinting forward from sweeper spread to take a fine low catch.

Jimmy Neesham to Eoin Morgan 

OUT! Caught! That is a clean catch by Lockie Ferguson and for a fast bowler, that is a dynamite attempt. New Zealand are finding their voice at Ruler's here. England are staggering away - from 59/1, they have progressed toward becoming 86/4! This was always coming. A short ball, outside off, Morgan jumps and slices his cut in the air. The ball completes his trajectory and when it dips onto Ferguson, he completes running in from sweeper and takes a stinger. He immediately gets up and signals OUT towards Morgan but the batsman ain't going anywhere. The umpires have a chat and then allude it to their colleague upstairs with the soft signal as OUT. Dear me, the replays demonstrate that the ball has been taken beautifully by Lockie, pleasantly above the ground. No requirement for a second look. Morgan has to go. Mike Atherton has a solicitation to the broadcasting director at the ground to up the volume and quiet others when Morgan played this shot. 'NO!' was the cry from the captain, the minute he hit it. Enormous, huge inconvenience for England. 156 progressively required from 161 balls.

Colin de Grandhomme to Joe Root 

OUT! Caught behind! Root has discarded it. He was struggling to get moving. Attempted to dominate the bowler on the past delivery but got beaten comprehensively. This time Colin smartly plays mind games with Root. He serves a seducer outside off, inviting the drive. Root is tricked into it but the ball moves away a bit to take a faint outside edge. Tom Latham is alert and he takes the catch safely. England feeling the heat. The required rate is under 6 but they are feeling the weight of a final here. 183 required off 201 balls.

Matt Henry to Jason Roy 

OUT! Jason Roy is chased down, a prized scalp given his present form. Henry once again delivers a similar delivery, much the same as the last one. He pitches it full around off and gets it to nip away from the batsman. Roy, minus any footwork, tries to push inside the line with a straight bat and gets a faint outside edge behind. A decent low catch by Tom Latham and Henry draws first blood. The onfield umpire rapidly gets it checked upstairs and finds that it was a clean catch.


Jofra Archer to Matt Henry 

OUT! Timber! Beaten for sheer pace. A full toss, in the line of the stumps at 147 kph, Henry hangs back expecting a bouncer and therefore, he is late in bringing his bat down. The stumps are broken and Archer gets his first wicket. 

Chris Woakes to Tom Latham 

OUT! Another soft dismissal. Full toss outside off, slower in pace, Latham tries to siphon it over mid off but fails to get enough timing behind his shot. He chips it straight to James Vince (sub) at mid off who makes no mistake. Tom played a decent hand but failed to give the finishing touches. 

Chris Woakes to Colin de Grandhomme 

OUT! A tame dismissal! Colin de Grandhomme never looked settled after getting hit on the helmet. Woakes serves a smart slower delivery, at 105 kph, on a length around off, de Grandhomme tries to flick it on the leg side but shuts the face of his bat early. It flies out off the leading edge and James Vince (sub) takes the least difficult of catches at mid off. Chris continues to dazzle.

Chris Woakes to Colin de Grandhomme 

OUT! A tame dismissal! Colin de Grandhomme never looked settled after getting hit on the helmet. Woakes serves a smart slower delivery, at 105 kph, on a length around off, de Grandhomme tries to flick it on the leg side but shuts the face of his bat early. It flies out off the leading edge and James Vince (sub) takes the most straightforward of catches at mid off. Chris continues to intrigue.

Liam Plunkett to Jimmy Neesham 

OUT! Third accomplishment for Liam Plunkett and has expelled the dangerous looking Neesham. The scrambled seam slower delivery brings Jimmy's downfall. It's on the fuller side around off, the idea is directly from Neesham as the mid on defender is up inside the ring. He tries to clear him and take that easy boundary but because of the gradualness of the delivery, he has wound up handing a basic catch to Root. Plunkett is siphoned up. The Kiwi supporters are disappointed. A promising partnership worth 32 runs is broken at a critical stage. 

Mark Wood to Ross Taylor 

OUT! LBW! Marais Erasmus took a long time but eventually raised his finger and Taylor is out of here! Bowling change again works wonder for Morgan. Wood roll in from over the wicket, at a marginally wide angle and delivers this on a length outside off. The ball angles in and hits Taylor high on the pads. Ooohhh.... how is the height, sir? Wood appeals and Erasmus thinks, thinks, thinks and then raises his finger! No audit left for New Zealand and Rosco has to depart. Replays demonstrate the ball hitting the top of the front pad. Will that go over the stumps? Awaiting Ball Tracker. Here it comes. GOING OVER THE STUMPS! My, my, my... Guppy's audit has cost the Black Caps Rosco's wicket. England bossing this final at this point.

Liam Plunkett to Henry Nicholls 

OUT! Drags it on! What a day Plunkett is having, first Williamson and now Nicholls. Both the set batsmen are back in the cabin. Another scrambled seam delivery. On a length outside off, going away with the angle, Nicholls tries to push it through the line without much footwork and gets a thick inside edge onto the stumps. Liam roars in pleasure. He has been England's best bowler for quite some time in the center phase and is delivering at the grandest stage. New Zealand in a spot of bother with two relatively new batsmen at the crease. Revamp again.

Liam Plunkett to Kane Williamson 

OUT! Caught behind! The decision is toppled and we have a defining moment in this final. The scrambled seam it is, which has sent the Kiwi captain back. What a nut from Plunkett. He bowls this with a scrambled seam as referenced above and the ball wobbles away after pitching. Williamson thinks it is full and goes for a punch through the covers but the ball kicks up after landing. There is a noise and deviation (At least to my ears and eyes) and even Buttler collects, while Plunkett celebrates and the group roars. But umpire Dharmasena waits till someone appeals towards him and then shakes his head. Williamson is not going anywhere. Eoin Morgan comes charging in from some part of the ground and asks his bowler and attendant who are siphoned up. Up goes the 'T' sign. And Ultra Edge identifies a spike when the ball passes the bat! Plunkett has broken the 74-run stand.

Chris Woakes to Martin Guptill 

OUT! Woakes has trapped Guptill in front of the sticks. Great lines from him in this opening spell and finally he is rewarded for his persistence. A lovely delivery, on a length around off and it nips back in off the seam. Guptill takes his front leg forward to play it straight yet because of the inward development, he misses the ball totally. The ball brushes the back pad, they appeal and the finger goes up almost immediately.  Guptill has a word with his partner and then takes the DRS. The Ultra Edge detects no bat and the Ball Tracker shows him the doors. Crashing onto the stumps.

Jofra Archer to Martin Guptill

SIX! First one of the final! Short in length around off, Guptill stays leg side of the delivery, makes room and flashes his bat at it. It flies off the outer half of his bat and clears third man. For a moment, the deep fielder thought that he is in with a chance but it sailed over his head.

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