Cricket T20 World Cup News 'Hungry' Markram has no worries about Kohli

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Jun 29, 2024 - 12:07
Jul 2, 2024 - 22:27

Five times in ODI World Cup, twice in T20 World Cup. South Africa has been eliminated from the semi-finals seven times before. It is a big deal for the Proteas to reach the final after topping the semi-final 'puzzle' for the eighth time. But South African captain Aiden Markram's eyes are a little further away. T-20 World Cup title!

South Africa will face India today in the T20 World Cup final at the Kensington Oval in Barbados. The match will start at 8:30 pm Bangladesh time. Markram spoke about his hopes of winning the title in the press conference before this match, one of the most important in the history of South African cricket. The summary of that press conference is given below-

10 years without winning the title opponent...

To be honest, I am just seeing it as a new cricket match. We all know India is a great team. We South Africans, as a team, have been on the right track for the past few years. We may not have progressed as expected in the tournaments. Tomorrow (today) will therefore be a thrilling match against a good team like India. It is also a good opportunity for us.

The habit of winning tough matches and keeping it…

Not 100% sure. But I agree. There were tough moments in various matches that would have had an impact and we won through those moments. Doing this twice, thrice or four times in a tournament gives the team confidence that it is possible to win from anywhere. It is important for any team. All have been playing together in the white ball squad for several years. In the end everyone in the team understood their responsibilities and I think this contributed to winning those difficult moments.

This is the first time bowlers are thought of as heroes, captains and batsmen in T20 World Cup...

Yes, a tough tournament for batsmen. But as a captain you have to look at both sides. (Pitch) batting friendly or bowling friendly – ​​be it, a captain is happy when the team performs and the players do their job well. However, T20 cricket around the world is a bit batting friendly. So I think it's good for the bowlers to get something. But it is challenging from the batting point of view.

Captained South Africa to the final...

Got a lot of support from the country. The alumni have been supportive, which is great for us as a team. Now we get the chance to make those who inspired us in our childhood proud. I don't think I alone have brought the team to this position. It is a team effort. In this team journey of several years, we finally met the first final.

On the way of growing up, I remember the past...

2015 World Cup semi-final match against New Zealand. It was the most heart breaking match for me as a cricket fan. It will be well remembered.

Past failures of semi-finals and finals ahead

We were all very happy to reach the final. It happens to everyone. But after the match, this idea came up in the dressing room, there is still one step left. This is the idea of ​​the whole team. Athletes love competition and no one likes to lose, especially not in the finals. So I don't think the players are satisfied with that much. Everyone is very hungry to win the match tomorrow (today).

Travelsickness and other issues…

Yes, there have been some problems. I think other teams have suffered too. We even joked about it. These are part of this tournament. They have to be dealt with. There is nothing to complicate the situation by making various excuses about these. Yes, yesterday (the day after) was a long day. But if necessary, these should be handled. In the meantime, it is important to rest yourself and get in a good mood the next morning.

Preparation for finals in short time

Today (yesterday) was practice in the afternoon. But that is optional. So one might want to see the field. There was also an opportunity to spend time in the swimming pool and hotel. I think preparation is mental. There is a lot of cricket now, so back to back matches are not new to anyone. But it is important to be mentally fit for tomorrow (today).

The difference between this match and other matches...

It still doesn't seem like it. But tomorrow (today) after waking up the emotions may touch. We thought as a team, today (tomorrow) is a rest day, so let's sleep properly. Rest should also be taken. Then wait to see what happens tomorrow (today).

Virat Kohli Rankhara, what in the final...

No worries about that. Kohli is a big player. We all know that. They have bigger players in their batting lineup. And there will be ups and downs in cricket matches. No one is good all the time. Especially the batsmen. We are only thinking about our plans and preparations.

India benefits in IPL, South Africa in SA20..

Yes, SA20 is a great thing for South African cricket. We have seen what IPL has done to Indian cricket. SA20 is moving forward in the same way in South African cricket. South African traffic has also increased in other leagues around the world. So it is natural to think that SA20 will play a major role in the league going forward. But in just two years, it has already played a major role.

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