Bumrah's mother, 'I didn't see the final, Jaspreet, but I love you'

Bumrah's mother, 'I didn't see the final, Jaspreet, but I love you' Latest News, ICC Cricket Players read about Jasprit Bumrah's career details on

Jul 1, 2024 - 19:20
Jul 1, 2024 - 19:45

Player of the tournament Yashprit Bumrah played one of the biggest roles in India's T20 World Cup victory. In a long emotional post on the social media about this pacer, Bumrah's childhood struggle has been brought up by his godmother, journalist and social worker Deepal Trivedi. The Bengali translation of his post is given here-

My cricket knowledge is zero. I even know Virat Kohli as Anushka's (Sharma) husband. A great one. If he tries to dance, it looks good.

But this (long) post of mine is actually about my hero. One day in December 1993. My salary then was less than 800 rupees per month. My closest friend and closest neighbor forced me to take a vacation. She will have a baby. I was also about 22-23.

I spent almost the whole of that December day in a hospital in Paldi. My friend Daljit's husband Yashbir went out for a while. That's when the nurse called out our names. A child passed in my trembling hands.

It was the first time I touched a newborn baby. Just remember, the kid was in Lickle. He was trying to smile, but he really couldn't. The nurse said, boy. thin and skinny Doctors quickly took them. My friend is very happy. I was already godmother to his daughter Juhika.

It is actually a Bollywood movie. Gujarat Chief Minister Chimanlal Patel passed away. In the next two months I became a political reporter. Salary increased a little. I bought some ice cream and played together. We used to share everything because we lived together. I didn't have a phone, fridge or even a bed! Our walls were the same. His house was my heaven.

Sadly my friend's husband died a few days later. Life changed. We became helpless. I took care of both the kids that whole month. I have read them. The boy had no enthusiasm. He used to play with cheap plastic balls.

I used to get so hungry while taking care of the kids that I would eat their biscuits. We starved, we suffered, we cried. But I fought with life. The girl is Juhika, whose godmother I am. The most beautiful child I have ever seen. She gave me hope, with that smile and firm hug of hers. still gives But the boy had to suffer a lot. We could not buy even one packet of milk. During his growing up, we used to bring salt to Punta Furo. His mother used to work 16-18 hours a day.

I remember, once my salary increased, I went to the most elite store I know to buy a dress. The eight-year-old boy was there, hiding behind his mother's veil. Wanted a jacket. That was my only gift to him. Then Diwali, Christmas and my birthday—all three passed without new clothes. However, the satisfaction that his jacket gave me, no big fashion designer's clothes could give me.

The child was very shy, not like his sister. He is now a legend. Adding to his list of achievements, he played a vital role in us winning the World Cup last night (the day before). Every Indian must be proud of him, learn from him. He is still as modest as ever.

His name is Yashpreet Bumra.

I tried to watch a match on his mother's insistence. But I got up before I went halfway. I just don't understand cricket. Maybe if Angad (son of Bumrah) plays football, I will see!

I am writing this to urge you not to give up hope. Because God does not despair of us.

I was lucky enough to handle Yashpreet for the first time. That moment often gives me hope in difficult times, gives me the courage to face life. Of course his mother Daljit is fully credited for raising such children.

A few months ago, Yashpreet's wonderful wife Sanjana invited us. So nice taste, so humble. Notice, my baby Yashpreet now has a child - Angad. Of course, Angad is much more handsome than Yashpreet's age.

I rarely write personal things, but this time I wanted to. Because I don't want anyone to lose hope in life. Think of Yashpreet Bumrah. his struggle How God helped him. If we ourselves come forward, then God will help everyone.

Please join me in congratulating my baby Yashpreet Bumrah. To win the World Cup. Coming from an unknown area and school in Ahmedabad, he made us all proud. I thank his mother Daljit and sister Juhika for making Bumrah a world champion. Sanjana is definitely his self.

Sorry Yashpreet, I didn't watch the final match. But I love you!

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